About Pretty Face Co.

The story behind why Pretty Face Co. was created and the dreams that come with it.

"It all started with my mom Laura Diaz. She grew up in Mexico City working towards an education as a lawyer but really all she ever wanted to do was open her own skincare business. Her passion was skincare and makeup. In a society that does not support women in the workforce much less the loan to open a beauty business, she moved to Los Angeles, California for the opporunity.

She studied skincare, experimented on her skin and the skin of her friends. That is when Sensitive For All Skins was born in 1991. The original, all natural and organic based skincare line safe for sensitive skin without junk chemicals. She became a beauty columnist for "El Aviso Magazine" and has been writing about beauty, skincare, and the newest upcoming revelation in skincare for the past 25 years. In just 25 years, our culture has changed. We live in the digital era where social media keeps a business alive on top of the recent pandemic changing shopping, customer interactions, and the service industry.

We are proud to launch Pretty Face Co. the re-vamped model to fit modern times. Now my mom gets to retire but of course I can't ever get her to relax! She still provides support, tips, and input. 

Pretty Face is the nickname my husband calls me and it has stuck ever since. I absolutely love the feeing it brings when I hear it ❤️ Although at first, there were many times I didn’t feel worthy of the nickname pretty face. I didn't feel deserving. As a part time model, it’s easy to fall into the standards of beauty to whoever is judging us. Whether that be my IG fans, a casting director, my agency, or what I see in media. It took time to heal, create a wall against industry standards, and learn to love me for me. It is an industry that requires thick skin. I must admit it took time. I hid under many different versions of myself until one day I said stop. (My instagram shows this, I never deleted photos of my past self for this reason). I started taking care of myself holistically and being as healthy as I could be inside and out. At one point I also went to NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) to be my own personal trainer. Knowledge means I had the power to change so I looked for it. 

 I also studied to be an esthetician. Learning about ingredients, servicing facials, peels, dermabrasion, and waxing. The study of skin is extensive and I absolutely enjoyed it. I applied what I learned as the years passed in jobs like being a Manager for Clinique at Ulta Beauty. Performed facials and makeup application which came handy when I became a part-time model.

Manifestation is key in addition to positive energy. The gut feeling that yes you CAN do it. The best way to get you to feel worthy is by showing it to you everyday during your skincare routine. Pretty Face Co. is to remind us we are beautiful, we are worthy, and we deserve our dreams. It's meant to remind you in the best way possible, manifestation through your skincare and the law of attraction through your beauty routine. It's a way to subconsciously embed in your mind positive affirmations. As silly as it may seem, all my products are also surrounded by beautiful classical music. Pretty Face Co. is plant based and plants are known to flourish with music. This is just one more way to get more positive vibrations your way. That's the energy we are going for!

Our luxury products are the industry's most potent and effective skin care formulations by combining science and nature.

I'm here to make a difference, even if it's just a smidge of difference because no one deserves to feel unworthy."

Here's just a couple photos of my time in service, my family, and my friends.

My IG is @ariya_taylor_, here I post my modeling photos from campaigns I do or creative collaborations I do with others.

My husband's photography IG page: @strike_of_the_photons

My events IG page: @ariyataylorevents

My outfits: @ariya.taylor.

and of course my company @prettyfacecompanies