About Pretty Face Co.

 Welcome to Pretty Face Co.!

I might regret putting the first photo but it's an accurate representation to get to know me. Hello there! I'm Kyla, the creator of Pretty Face Co. Im quirky, passionate, soft spoken, loud actions, married, with a passion for helping people feel amazing about themselves.

You're probably wondering wth is this photo from. Well it was my first ever paid lingerie runway assignment in Portland Oregon. My first nerve racking, fun, amazing body positive experience on the runway for a show meant to bring down the unrealistic beauty standards. Curious? Google The Unmentionables in Portland.

Having been through trauma, my strength, my body, my mind has been a 10 year healing journey. I can say I never want anyone to ever feel unworthy. So why the name Pretty Face Co.? It's a nickname my husband calls me that took time to feel like one. It's not just any name to me, I want you to feel like a Pretty Face... a strong, empowered, you have your shit straight, gorgeous human being, regardless of whatever journey your in. My candles are my avenue to express how damn beautiful you are. I think that's what sets me apart. It's not a business, it's a healing experience and I want to thank you for sharing it with me :).


Here's a photo dump! Just in case the first one doesn't really do it for you... 

Lingerie Fashion Show 


My husband and I being our goofy selves, he's obviously trying to make me laugh here!


The time I convinced him to be in a fashion show with me hehe..


My momma! This is the time I convinced her that she is an amazing human being, that she can rock a photoshoot, that she can have a life after divorce from a 20 year marriage. Yes, gents, she's single ;) jk don't email me about dating her, she's single but seriously I'm not trying to hook her up or anything.

 My poopers visiting me while taking a poop


That time I joined the army, 10 years in, hooah hooah!


Me on live TV and the news lady was checking me out, and probably everyone watching, lol idk maybe, this was local news :) the fashion designer is next to me. 

The time I hosted an "Eff Your Beauty Standards" photoshoot meetup in Sacramento CA. We killed it ...

 don't ask, don't tell... but here's this

The time I forgot my tent at a pop up night event where we had to makeshift a tent on a rainy day from a tarp and painters cloth. That day .... oh my that day *shakes head* I lost power half way through too but you guys didn't care! All the customers that day used their cell phones to light up my tent, that made me cry.

In Las Vegas trying to convince why my body candles need to be in your store. I didn't get any contracts but! I learned a lesson... keep going, keep pushing, I don't care, screw you.. well screw you in a nice way, like I am going to find a door somewhere else screw you. 

somethin a lil sexy for you ....