About Pretty Face Co.


Welcome to Pretty Face Co.!

I'm Kyla, the creator of Pretty Face Co. I have always had a passion for helping people and this business is a way to do exactly that. I hope to inspire others to love and appreciate who they are and everything about themselves.

Pretty Face is a nickname my husband calls me, it evokes confidence, love and bonding. Having been through a self love journey myself, I can say I never want anyone to ever feel unworthy. Like how I felt when my husband called me Pretty Face. I felt unworthy of the name and unworthy of his love. Our mind can be our biggest motivation but it also has the power to destroy us. Coming out of a past trauma, I was deeply hurt and felt unworthy of many things, that nickname was one of them. The good thing is my husband met me while I was already making the effort to eradicate old thoughts, behaviors and overall negativity. He is my soulmate, always there to support me, lift me up when needed, and my best friend. That is why the company is called Pretty Face Co. It's more than just a nickname. It's the perfect name for my body positive candles because that's how I want all my customers to feel when they see these inclusive diversified candles. Each package is carefully put together with product, gifts, and more! I love to give back as a thank you so much for supporting small businesses like mine!


Manifestation is key in addition to positive energy. The gut feeling that yes you CAN do it. Pretty Face Co. is to remind us we are beautiful, we are worthy, and we deserve our dreams. As silly as it may seem, all my products are also surrounded by beautiful classical music. Pretty Face Co. is plant based and plants are known to flourish with music. This is just one more way to get more positive vibrations your way. That's the energy we are going for!

I'm here to make a difference, even if it's just a smidge of difference because no one deserves to feel unworthy.

Here's just a couple photos of my time in service, my family, and my friends. My IG is @ariya_taylor_, here I post my modeling photos from campaigns and i spotlight other small business like mine! My husband's photography IG page: @j.hurtado.photography, my mom who brings the fashion side to me @lauradiazelaviso and of course my company @prettyfacecompanies.