Yes, these are candles

I know, I'm obsessed too :)

and no you don't need to burn them...

Made of specially formulated soy wax that has the best cold scent throw that releases fragrance at room temperature. Did it just get better?

Hi! Welcome! These are the most beautiful body candles you will never want to burn because they are gorgeous like you. So take your time, have fun, and get excited when you discover the candle you never knew you needed! Thank you for being here <3

Please for me, remember to love yourself, ok?

- sincerely, your body


I can add nipple studs?

High Quality Soy - Hemp Wicks - sustainable practices

...our mission to create eco-friendly candles

Meet The Maker

I might regret putting this photo but it's an accurate representation to get to know me. Hello there! I'm Kyla, the creator of Pretty Face Co. Im quirky, passionate, soft spoken, loud actions, married, with a passion for helping people feel amazing about themselves.

You're probably wondering wth is this photo from. Well it was my first ever paid lingerie runway assignment in Portland Oregon. My first nerve racking, fun, amazing body positive experience on the runway for a show meant to bring down the unrealistic beauty standards. Curious? Google The Unmentionables in Portland.

Having been through trauma, my strength, my body, my mind has been a 10 year healing journey. I can say I never want anyone to ever feel unworthy. So why the name Pretty Face Co.? It's a nickname my husband calls me that took time to feel like one. It's not just any name to me, I want you to feel like a Pretty Face... a strong, empowered, you have your shit straight, gorgeous human being, regardless of whatever journey your in. My candles are my avenue to express how damn beautiful you are. I think that's what sets me apart. It's not a business, it's a healing experience and I want to thank you for sharing it with me :).

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