Diverse & Inclusive Body Candles

High Quality Wax Blend, eco-friendly wicks, all hand crafted, carved and poured in New Jersey, USA. Only local sustainable sourcing of ingredients, materials, and packaging. Together, we support a healthier environment and your body candle purchase empowers the body positive movement. So thank you! Thank you for being here and we hope you fall in love with your next candle.

Stretch Marks - Jewelry - Piercings

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Customize Any Candle

We are the only body candle art company that can add gold or silver plated nipple rings, moles, freckles, stretch marks to any candle to make them beautifully more like you.

Love Thy Body

because your body is worthy . . .

Meet The Maker

Welcome, I am so happy that you're here! I'm Kyla, the creator of Pretty Face Co. I have always had a passion for helping people and this business is a way to do exactly that. I hope to inspire others to love and appreciate who they are and everything about themselves. Having been through a self love journey myself, I can say I never want anyone to ever feel unworthy. Pretty face is a nickname my husband calls me, it evokes confidence, love and bonding. It's the perfect name for my body positive candles and body care because that's how I want all my customers to feel about themselves. Each package is carefully put together with product, gifts, and more! I love to give back as a thank you so much for supporting small businesses like mine!

I hope you get to know me through my designs, candle making, and ingredients I use in my line! Feel free to follow and reach out to me on Instagram @prettyfacecompanies

Thank you for being here <3

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