1.) Question: Why does my candle look a little different than in the photos?

Although the formulas are written down, they are hand made and variety does occur with colors, shimmer, and shape. I try my best to make my art alike but it also allows for each candle to be one-of-a-kind. There is no other candle like yours! You have a piece of art that was made, crafted, poured and designed by hand. :)

2.) Question: How are the candles packed?

All candles are safely transported to you in shipping quality boxes. All candles are protected by either bubble wrap, biodegradable packing peanuts, newspaper print, crinkle paper, and/or foam. Depends on the amount of candles ordered and the sizes. All candles come gift ready! Whether this is a gift for someone else or you bought a candle for yourself, the packaging is the same. The receipt inside the box does not say the price.

3.) Question: Can I get a refund or an exchange for a candle that was on sale?

Any discount code sales and or sale specific candles do not qualify for an exchange or refund. All custom candles also do not qualify. Custom candles include any carvings, modifications such as stretch marks, moles, birthmarks, etc. 

4.) Question: How do I add stretch marks?

Stretch marks is now an item that can be added to your cart like you would add a candle. Find this under the customizations part of my website. Still a FREE custom add on! Add to cart and in the notes let me know which candle you want stretch marks on if purchasing more than one candle. If no notes are left then I will choose based on my opinion which candle would get stretch marks. If scars is selected and no notes are left then I will not add scars. I think scars are very personal and I don't feel comfortable randomly applying a scar. Scars are stories and should be respected. So please please! Leave me notes at checkout, or on IG, or email me with your order number. I am more than willing to help :)

5.) Question: Why is the Breast Cancer Awareness Candle the same price regardless if its a nude color or your special colors?

Our Breast Cancer Awareness candle is special and the purpose of this candle is to give back to support the National Breast Cancer Coalition whose purpose is to: "... combine the power of advocacy, education, policy, and research to unite around one goal: ending breast cancer." 

Since the candle launched in August of 2021 your purchase of our BCA candle has raised:

$421 in donations, Thank you! (as of 6.1.22)

6.) Fact: Almost all photos have the same pair of hoop earrings and grey marble platform to provide a size reference between small, medium, large, and extra large candles. It was the best way I could think of helping customers understand sizes without being able to show you in person. Also! The size selection will now show the height in inches plus the amount of wax in ounces.

7.) Fact: All photos will have a watermark that says Pretty Face Co. Candles to prevent from misuse and copyright issues that have risen. The actual candle does not have this watermark. Although inspiring others is wonderful and I am so grateful to be an inspiration, any direct misuse of photos will lead to a fraud complaint. If for some reason a photo is needed without the watermark, please feel free to reach out to info@prettyfacecompanies.com. 

8.) Fact: Beginning summer time, packages will have signature confirmation automatically applied. It can be inconvenient to have to sign for it but this helps avoid melting due to sun damage by being left in a metal mailbox or on a sunny porch. This ensures the individual is handed the box. UPS & USPS offer their customers for their box to be left anyway when no one is home regardless of signature required as long as the individual made that arrangement with the mail service. Because of this, any order with signature confirmation does not qualify for a replacement due to melting or a stolen package claim. Minor melting damage can be fixed to look like it never happened. Please take a look at my Instagram on how to fix minor damage. Melting that is more severe may qualify for 50% refund or a replacement for an additional fee. To resolve any more than minor melting issues, please email info@prettyfacecompanies.com with photos of damage, order number, and your choice of a 50% refund or a replacement for an additional fee.