Ingredients + Candle Care

Soy Candle Wax

It took countless of hours and so so many failed experiments to find the perfect combination and method of making wax. I even held a $5 candle special so that I could get candle enthusiasts to burn my candles for the sake of science. Together with the help of my IG followers, we tested the soy wax formula I have now.

The best cold scent throw and what that means:

Cold scent throw means fragrance oil gets released at room temperature so you enjoy the aroma without having to burn it. Art that stays like art and smells good, its a win win! Plus if you ever get bored of looking at it then you can light it and watch as it beautifully melts into a pool of wax. There's something so serene about it. Just remember to place your body candle in a clear glass jar (like a mason jar) and not a plate. Trust me, it's just yet another trick that will make it last longer. Try to get a glass jar that isn't too big compared to the candle. Like goldy locks and the 3 bears, the "just right" size glass jar is important for an even burn. It should have about 1 inch of wiggle room around the candle.

Cold scent throw also means that you will enjoy the aroma for months rather than days when compared to boring normal candles. Keep in mind hot rooms or summer months will create a stronger scent as more is being released. Keep away from windows or sunny places. Plus this will prevent from color fading. Colder rooms will slow the process and will create a more subtle fragrance. Just in case you just absolutely love the scent we also offer boring normal candles :). Click here.

 Hemp Wicks

In case you do decide to burn your body candle... Hemp wicks are more sustainable than cotton. Just another way to help our planet!

Every Bodi Glow Body Shimmer Oil

100% pure sweet almond oil, naturally refined shea butter, eucalyptus essential oil, copper and gold sparkle mica, iron oxide.