Badass Betty - Alex

This candle is handmade to order.
Color: Badass Betty features hand placed aquamarine glass crystals along the contours of her bra and thong. Gold accents and a hand painted tattoo on her lower belly. 
Choose from 2 styles and 3 skin tones: A simple yet bold look, some gold accents with a leg garter or go for the full belt!

Never leave this candle unattended. It is recommended to remove the crystals as they fall to avoid clogging the wick when lit. Burn 30min at a time. Be careful, it's hot. Or don't burn at all! The fragrance oil releases at room temp leaving your room smelling amazing :). 

Feel Good About:
Eco Friendly Soy Wax
Sustainable Hemp Wicks
Animal Cruelty Free Art
Hand Poured & Made in USA

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