Candle Shine


DIY permanent shine so your candle stays shiny and new longer. Prevents dry spots and ashiness. You want it as a piece of art anyway right? Don't plan on burning? Then this candle shine is perfect for you! 

This is a DIY, take home shine you apply when your ready or for those with an established collection looking to freshen up their candles again.


* Prevents your candle from drying out too quickly with just 1 coat

* Easy to use

* Permanent

* Choose your shine! Keep on adding coats until you are satisfied.

* Avoids oily fingertip prints from people touching it


Bulk options available for wholesale/professional candle makers.


How to use:

1.) Wear gloves. Very sticky and permanent, make sure you are using paper towels or a paper plate as a place mat to prevent spills.

2.) 1 tablespoon of candle shine mixed with 3 tablespoons of water in a disposable cup. 1:3 ratio. Clean the opening of the bottle so the shine doesn't accidentally stick to the cap with alcohol (if you plan on re-using). Close the bottle after every use to prevent drying.

3.) Mix well with a disposable spoon or stick until consistency is smooth (should look much more liquified).

4.) Depending on the object/candle, use a paper towel, lint free cotton pad, or disposable small painters brush to apply the mixture. Evenly apply all over. Make sure to cover all crevices, cover the entire object/candle in shine for best results. Prevent water drips from becoming permanent by evenly spreading or dabbing it off with your brush/cottonpad/papertowel. (Viva paper towels are the ones I use). 

5.) Let it dry for about 2-3minutes, until the surface is no longer tacky. Feel free to apply more coats if desired. The more coats, the shinier it will get. You can skip the water and just apply the shine for an extreme shine effect. Test an area first before you choose to apply the shine without water so you can see how shiny it is and make sure thats the look your going for.


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