Tattoo - Music Note Version 1


These are hand carved line tattoos that can be applied to any candle. Noir (black) candles will get tattoos done with white wax rather than the black wax used on all other colors. Hand made means slight changes and variations. I try my best to make it look exact but it's human nature for this to be lopsided, sisters not twins, you get it :).

Price is per tattoo per candle. Price depends on complexity and how much time it would take me to complete. Multiple tattoo discounts apply automatically.

 5-9 tattoos = 25% discount

10 or more tattoos = 35% discount

Select placement and the optional candle gloss to keep these tattoos fresh for longer. *note: candle gloss will make your candle flammable. Do not light if candle gloss is applied. This is for those that won't burn these and just want it for decoration purposes.

Make sure to add to cart before checkout and in the notes let me know which candle you want the tattoo on if ordering more than one. Or if you can’t decide, leave it blank and I will choose where I think it fits best.