The Golden Rule re-invented

The Golden Rule re-invented

Here at PFCo., we strive to work with chemists from USA laboratories with locally sourced ingredients and sustainable practices.

Already starting from a sustainable foundation, we continue this practice using solar energy, recycled paper, algae or mushroom based ink, and blue-bin recyclable containers such as glass and/or tin (which is infinitely recyclable).

By investing in our local economy, we reduce overseas waste and lower jet emissions/carbon pollution. For every $100 dollars spent locally, $68 goes back into circulation. That means your purchase not only supports someones family dream, it also helps your local community.

 As a consumer, we are an essential part of our environmental health impact. At PFCo. we provide only the best in natural and organic ingredients without compromising our eco-friendly goals. Go ahead and toss our containers into your friendly blue recycling bin or re-purpose instead! For more ideas on re-purposing go to our Pinterest.

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